Sunday, December 30, 2012

How to make mango float

Me and my sister today made Mango float for Buena Noche tomorrow :) It's been a long long time since we last made these. Dunno how other people make it but this is our way hehehhe
You will need:
  • Mangoes 
  • Butter
  • All-purpose cream 
  • Condensed milk 
  • Grahams crackers (crushed)

Step 1. Melt butter

Step 2. Add All-purpose Cream

Step 3. Add Condensed milk
**sorry for the burned oil at the background, I made grilled liempo, got burned and failed miserably :( **

Then the fun part.... LAYERING :)

  Add the cream at the bottom

Then add grahams
  Add cream again and .....
  Add crushed grapams.. then repeat the steps till you get your desired thickness
  Refrigerate overnight then

BOOM! ....... MANGO FLOAT... :D

Monday, December 24, 2012

It's the most wonderful time of the year

Hope everyone is having a lovely Christmas Eve.. Me, my brother and sister just had a little something for Noche Buena, We had lasagna....

Mocha Crumble

some drinks... :)

and roasted chicken which we already ate hahaha...

Merry Christmas xoxo

DIY Ombre, Cupcakes and Meds

Ombre-d my hair yesterday using Tony Moly Hair Bleach and Tony Boly Berry Trendy in Milky Blonde

Used the Hair Dye on my black roots then the bleach for the bottom part :) Quite satisfied with the end results of my DIY Ombre! YEY! I made sure it's gradient and not like really pin straight hair dye at the middle section.

But it's not finished's a bit orange-y because of the bleach still need to put a blonde dye over it to complete the look :D

moving on...


bought it @ SM Mall of Asia, they have a stall at ground floor near Ice Skating rink.

2 Rainbow cupcakes, 1 Red Velvet & 1 Cookie Cupcake

Le Rainbow cupcake

Inside Rainbow cupcake

hahaha! LOL at the bite marks on the frosting.. :))) it's because of my braces

Last, my meds :( for my headache, cough and cramps

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Friday, December 14, 2012

Vanilla Cupcake Bakery

CUPCAKE TESTING TIME!!! *whopwoop!* HAHAHA. Anyways, Today I bought two cupcakes from this bakery located in Glorietta called "Vanilla Cupcake Bakery". Here is their store (I wouldn't call it a bakery since they don't actually make their cupcakes there but outside somewhere), their ambiance is just perfect, I love it! makes you want to have tea party inside with your friends :).

Lots of pictures coming..


Verdict? cupcakes are a bit dry :( and I only like the frosting and if I compare it with Cupacakes by Sonja,.. still Sonja has the best cupcakes I've tasted so far... Quite disappointed that "Vanilla Cupcake Bakery" lacks in the favors department but I am impressed with their ambiance and especially their packaging it's soooo cute, I love how it has a holder at the bottom so that your cupcakes will stay in place BUT........ the cupcakes? ~ehhhhh not so much

Overall, It is a nice place to visit.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Tony Moly Expert Triple BB Cream SPF 45 PA++

Being a BB Cream enthusiast that I am, I just had to purchase this =). I've heard a lot of good reviews about this one so I just had to try, Also my other BB Cream (Etude House Shinee Limited Edition) made me break out :'( *sniff* Moving on...

I love this BB cream *yey* !! It is a Triple-Function BB Cream (Whitening + Anti-Wrinkle+ UV Ray Protection)

Somehow the scent, functions and price of this bb cream kinda reminds me of the Missha Perfect Cover. I noticed that this BB is great if you have oily skin based on my experience and the reviews I've read.