Sunday, April 7, 2013

Online Shopping

Did some online shopping at Instagram hahaha! what I love about shopping online is that you could get really great items for low prices and you don't have to leave the house.

Here's something I bought online, Skin79 Super BB Vital Orange from @brushesforless (instagram) and an Andrea Bucket bag from, you can also search for @izzoshop in instagram

I did have some complaints on the BB cream though, I guess I didn't expect it to be that creamy and that so thin of a consistency compared to the other Skin79 Super BB Hot Pink .... or maybe I'm just used to the thick kind of consistency like almost all of the BB creams I bought. not sure.

but on the other hand, I did like the color of bb cream something that finally matches my neck and it has great oil control.. finally this stuff controlled the oil around my T-zone area which I really like! The coverage is medium.

Downfall, since this BB is so light and so creamy, it's easy to over apply =( that's why mine look so caked up in some places. Also, this is advertised for those who have oily skin so I don't really recommend this if you have normal to dry skin. I have extremely oily skin, and this product did control the oil so great that it made my face look too dry and cakey but I guess it's my fault for applying too much.

I love my bag! weeee... and it's cheap, only Php495 and great quality *thumbs up*

Tagaytay Trip

Me and my friends went on a Tagaytay trip, we eat at a "bulalohan" place in Mahogany, just too bad no pictures for the Bulalo =( , also had yogurt at Pancake house near the Starbucks area which is i guess a tourist spot place because of the amazing view and the weather.

Ordered "Blueberry White Chocolate Cheesecake" enjoyed Skyranch! I must say the view is SPECTACULAR!! we only get to ride the Ferris Wheel though :( boo!

and the view above isn't that great cause when it's already our turn it's already night fall, didn't get to see that much

do recommend to ride it when the sun is still out.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Mom's Birthday

Went to Chilis to celebrate Mom's birthday last March 26. I picked the venue, just because I missed the place back when I studied at Saudi A.,

** (first blog entry i did about chilis on my past blog.)

Le ice tea.. had like over 5 refills of these :)))

our appetizer - Texas Cheese Fries

My order - le bacon burger to which I didn't finished eating.. only ate 1/2 of the burger patty and I didn't care about the bun. It's yummy thou its just that i'm already so full

brother's Fajita Trio

Mom's Guiltless Grill Salmon. What an odd way to name a dish. Guiltless? haha maybe the chef who cooked the salmon didn't feel any guilt or whatever haha! *kidding* (i researched the meaning... guiltless also means immaculate or perfect) LOL!

Sister's Fish and Chip... now it's Fish and Fries ~_~ didn't realize that till now.. menu says it's "chips" and they served us with fries.

Presidente Margarita (w/ tequila) if you're wondering what's on the rim of the glass.. it's salt hahaha! its unusual seeing it at first, it looks like weird fish scales.

and boom! my favorite, Molten Chocolate Cake!! if i could order this everyday.. i would.

i shall show you sexy food porn shots

there's also a fudge sauce at the top of the vanilla ice cream.. and the cake? it was so gooood.

After I was done eating, I had to drag my stomach out of the grill and had a really had a bad case of indigestion (worth it anyway).

Monday, March 25, 2013

Dream dress

Over the past few months, I'm addicted to this show called "Say Yes to the Dress" aside from my usual series like "The Walking Dead", "Once Upon a Time", "The Big Bang Theory" & "2 Broke Girls" ..all episodes you can find on Youtube. The show is all about Brides picking on Wedding Dresses. I really really love the show and it got me thinking what I would wear on my Wedding day HAHAHHA!!!

FYI. it's not like i wanna get married right away. NO!, i'm just saying that my dream dress would be the picture above *flies away*. It's a Pnina Tornai 2013 Bridal gown *cries* and Pnina Tornai gowns don't come in cheap.

When i was watching the show and i stumble upon this video. It's a video of Pnina Tornai 2013 Bridal Collection and I really like the gown @ 2:47 !! I mean it's everything i envisioned! it's flowy, a bit high on the waist line, fitting at the top, and i just love the sash ribbon... It's my dream dress *cries*. I've always want to get married in a beach setting hehe.. that's why I like flowy dresses...

okay.. signing off.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Goodbye 2012 & Hello 2013

Happy 2013 Everyone! I just wanna take this time to blog about something from 2012. I learned a lot from 2012 and I want to leave everything behind to start a new. Start a fresh year, full of love, forgives and hope.

2012 isn't that much of a bad year, It was quite a challenge, a lot of surprises and love! loving 2012 as it is.

Most of my pictures came from my twitter since the year 2012 i was practically MIA on blogger and full time on instagram *hehe*.

January 2012 - We move in to our own condo unit by the bay near SM Mall of Asia. There was a lot of moving going on, a lot of boxes and a was pretty much busy, buying furniture and stuff but still it was the best thing ever!! I get to contact the manufacturers and rush from school to the condo to meet up with the deliveries. The only part i don't like about moving is the packing of stuffs from our old condo.

-The very first circle lenses I ordered from Japanese Candy came which was like 1 day after I paid!

February 2012 - Boyfie suprised me with flowers for Valentines day! <3 sweetest thing ever.

March 2012 - We picked up my parents and my brother from the airport.

April 2012 - Made a decision, I forgived and Moved on.

May 2012 - Sister's birthday

June 2012 - Mom and Dad gave me an iPhone 4 and went back to abroad :). We also had an unforgettable outing with my friends for 2 days.

July 2012 - My birthday, celebrated it with boyfie at starcity!! Also it was his first time entering an amusement park <3

August 2012 - Foot got rolled over by a cab. FML.

September 2012 - Can't . remember. anything

October 2012 - Our first year anniversary with boyfie <3

November 2012- Boyfie's birthday, surprised him with cupcakes and a gift. <3 Also the day our globe line got cut cause we didn't pay and we forced to get a new sim.

December 2012 - Celebrated Christmas and New Year and couldn't be much more happier.

Hope the year 2013, i get to track down memories again.. :)