Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Goodbye 2012 & Hello 2013

Happy 2013 Everyone! I just wanna take this time to blog about something from 2012. I learned a lot from 2012 and I want to leave everything behind to start a new. Start a fresh year, full of love, forgives and hope.

2012 isn't that much of a bad year, It was quite a challenge, a lot of surprises and love! loving 2012 as it is.

Most of my pictures came from my twitter since the year 2012 i was practically MIA on blogger and full time on instagram *hehe*.

January 2012 - We move in to our own condo unit by the bay near SM Mall of Asia. There was a lot of moving going on, a lot of boxes and a was pretty much busy, buying furniture and stuff but still it was the best thing ever!! I get to contact the manufacturers and rush from school to the condo to meet up with the deliveries. The only part i don't like about moving is the packing of stuffs from our old condo.

-The very first circle lenses I ordered from Japanese Candy came which was like 1 day after I paid!

February 2012 - Boyfie suprised me with flowers for Valentines day! <3 sweetest thing ever.

March 2012 - We picked up my parents and my brother from the airport.

April 2012 - Made a decision, I forgived and Moved on.

May 2012 - Sister's birthday

June 2012 - Mom and Dad gave me an iPhone 4 and went back to abroad :). We also had an unforgettable outing with my friends for 2 days.

July 2012 - My birthday, celebrated it with boyfie at starcity!! Also it was his first time entering an amusement park <3

August 2012 - Foot got rolled over by a cab. FML.

September 2012 - Can't . remember. anything

October 2012 - Our first year anniversary with boyfie <3

November 2012- Boyfie's birthday, surprised him with cupcakes and a gift. <3 Also the day our globe line got cut cause we didn't pay and we forced to get a new sim.

December 2012 - Celebrated Christmas and New Year and couldn't be much more happier.

Hope the year 2013, i get to track down memories again.. :)